Katherine Rodgers

'Tis the Season

‘Tis the season to be jolly?
To be kinder than yesterday
For that jolly ole St Nick
Is surely coming our way?
Why is it only once a year
People think to be kind
Why can it not always be
For the better of mankind?
Jesus was a simple man
To all did He show Love
No special treatment for anyone
For He knew they were all from Him above
He showed us what to do
And asked us to follow Him
And why is that so hard for us
To be good and not sin?
He watches and He cares
For each of His lonely sheep
He knows what is in our hearts
And holds us while we sleep
Someday we will meet Him,
Will we know just what to say
When He asked did we do what we were told
Can we say, “Yes, every single day.”?

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