Steven Louis Chapman

"suggestion box" a poem in free verse

Steven was adopted, his biological father was an English professor who had an affair with a student. Writing poetry is an outlet for his expression of love. A hopeless romantic in search of his soul mate. (it changes from now and then) He hopes to capture the girl of his dreams through poetry. Visiā€¦

Feel the inner stitches,
when the day is unaware,
black in the real of doubt,
yes, it's the deal that's not found,
splashing ink from my hand.
Is that the question,
of the question I'm bound?
Take this and throw away,
what you see,
in your easy chair,
feel it uncleaned,
by treason,
wake up,
to the inner vision sealed,
in your easy chair,
of which you sit on your draped hands,
not found of doubt,
in the sealed up suggestion box.
Smashed by the hands,
of the uncertain reason,
of which you exist,
in circles that fill your eyes,
that are of diamond rocks.