Steven Louis Chapman

"snowy screams of Steve" a poem in free verse

Steven was adopted, his biological father was an English professor who had an affair with a student. Writing poetry is an outlet for his expression of love. A hopeless romantic in search of his soul mate. (it changes from now and then) He hopes to capture the girl of his dreams through poetry. Visiā€¦

I stood in the garage,
to hear you scream,
my names shattered scene.
Nameless, endless,
only on my cd,
in forever chosen charades.
I wonder why?
Steve, I'm nameless,
it still cuts at my soul,
from the memory.
Well, I'm still here,
feeling like,
I haven't held my end of the pact.
I waste away,
to rape you my friend.
In ways I find,
in you again,
to the only one in you,
it flows to be the only one,
as I waste my life,
to rape you my friend,
as I hear you again,
scream my name.
Endless, nameless,
in the unknown,
of you,
your not the only one.
I'm here,
in to absorb,
again my friend,
to rape you,
again my friend.
In oceans to explore,
from the heavens,
that you adored.
Your not the only one.
I raise you,
to rape you, my friend.
I still here you screaming,
STEVE and the feelings that spoke,
inside of me,
that you are not dead.
I pray to GOD,
to bring your spirit back,
in me that has been dead.
I'm not the only one,
and he still shall be heard.
Over the oceans floor,
to the waves,
in your soul.