Steven Louis Chapman

"scaling fall"

Steven was adopted, his biological father was an English professor who had an affair with a student. Writing poetry is an outlet for his expression of love. A hopeless romantic in search of his soul mate. (it changes from now and then) He hopes to capture the girl of his dreams through poetry. Visiā€¦

I just want to die,
salient red feathers stuck,
so forever to pluck,
she threw away my plan.

Falling through concrete,
slabs scathe my teeth today,
grass caress to molest,
crickets scream too strange.

Landing squish to feel,
lay ladybug sticky stew,
gagging flung oil feathers.
love my ladybug.

sticky icky zygote,
cracks through crevice in you,
wet oily goo sticky soothe,
ladybug lovely.