Steven Louis Chapman

"moonbeams of midnight sun" revised #61

Steven was adopted, his biological father was an English professor who had an affair with a student. Writing poetry is an outlet for his expression of love. A hopeless romantic in search of his soul mate. (it changes from now and then) He hopes to capture the girl of his dreams through poetry. Visiā€¦

You hide in masks derived delusions,
of princes with subtle dispositions.
They tend to run away extricable ties,
jackknifed while you believe all their lies.

An extrinsic fragile origin,
scratches your halos lovelorn composition.
Sojourned faeries perilously gild,
rollicking stacks nestling reprise filled.

Your flowers form,
in checkered cellophane,
where I swim striped,
frail from your beauty.
Wine red love is seeping,
colored in imprints of chatelaine.
Black and white imagery
implodes in dreams lovesick.
Your flowers burst
in a rage of colors,
bright fades trembling
checkered suns,
flashed by
flowers closing.

As I funnel from midnight sun,
gleam from cherry raceme.
Dignified recumbent flutter,
flounced quiver somehow pierced,
your hunch of piquant endear.
A rouse of siege opuscules deify,
encapsulate your heart,
indwelling romantic piety.
Indulging, your slipping into fantasy.
Pompons carry you away,
as I eloquently maneuver,
from inside your heart.