Steven Louis Chapman


Steven was adopted, his biological father was an English professor who had an affair with a student. Writing poetry is an outlet for his expression of love. A hopeless romantic in search of his soul mate. (it changes from now and then) He hopes to capture the girl of his dreams through poetry. Visiā€¦

So, I'm floating around in your universe,
suffocating in rubber tin disease.
You pick me up to unlatch spin in verse,
while asteroids bounce off the tin crease.

I live in your eye. I am a fly,
captured in darkness will you let me out?
It seems all I do is to make you cry,
spinning around in your stye while you pout.

I promise I'll come around your beauty,
missing the thrill of all that I consumed.
The nurtured love flown from sincerity,
all the feelings emotional construed.

To die, dissipate into all that,
which is nothing left without, "my Lady."
Unless, maybe I'm a butterfly, "catch,"
caught in your net while I was shading.