Sweta Bora

Going through the dark

Just a lost soul, trying to find the meaning behind these emotions , walking through the lonely lanes of life.

I had the essence,
in my memories of your holy presence.
The outlines of your words, imprinted on my soul.

Masking my insecurities,
with a sweet slumber,
drowned into the agony,
tangled into the vulnerabilities,
I call for you, to reach my hand.....

Crying out in vain,
through my lost consciousness;
I started,
to lose the rope to the surface.
My naive thoughts deceiving me,
draining the jauntiness;
leaving a weird anguish behind.

I opened my eyes, but the sight was unusual,
voice getting groggy,
breath getting foggy;
dusty head and linty blanket;
choking the vivacity,
the surroundings were turning into a smoke.

My eyes were longing for you through the mist of grief;
My world was turning upside down and it that moment....
It clicked,
you were gone before I even realized.

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