K.V Srikanth


Woman in Life
A matter of Pride
Sexual divide
Only in the head

Seeking a career
Striving like anyother
But only harder
Capabilities in order

Ability to think
Comprehend and perceive
If the women were to recieve
Marks for their ability to conceive
Final result one
Simply cant believe

Termed Weaker Sex
Called fairer sex
Both used facetously
Gender inequality
Living on the fallacy

Muscle size compared
Womens place declared
Strength put to test
Made to feel less

Narrow vision
Mental condition
Complete regression
Humiliate by aggression

Female a gender
Mistaken for Sex
Weaker or Stronger
Comes into play
Biased and Opinionated
Thought originated
Without any debate
Already concluded

Thinking hazy
Conclusion fuzzy
Woman as an entity
Place in Society
Lacking objectivity
In its entirety
Thinking lies futility

Womans right to compete
Not for others to concede
Right by birth
Talent no dearth

Gender equality
In name only
Woman of quality
Credit to sexuality

Women live longer
Logical they are healthier
Study harder
Progress farther

Middle headed humanity
In reality a calamity
Women viewed in totality
Parity and inferiority

Conditioned by Society
Personal prejudice aplenty
Corrupted vision to see
A Woman as a Woman

To be pursued
In order to be persuaded
Law of nature provided
Preyed and Prosecuted
Paraded and Prostituted

Intellectual and equal
Responsible and capable
Leadership of the world
Not beyond A womans fold
Courage during calamity
Problem processing faculty
Calm and collectively
At ease with their personality

Biological differences
Harmonial changes
Childbearing and nursing
Endurance and pressure
Proven handled better

A world without poverty
Cause with Nobility
Gender equality
Always a reality
Remove the ambiguity
Remains Clarity

Woman has freedom
Nothing to fight for
World were a better place
Woman are to die for

Oldest cliche used
Remember your mother
Is a woman
Perfect reminder
To put our act together
Respecting an honor
Integrated in behavior
Objectify a Woman
God save the demon

Division in religion
Difference in Origin
Hostility in Countries
Inequality amongst individuals
Environment nightmare

No more no less
Very essence Spiritual
A Woman is a woman
Required and requested
Nothing from beginning

Woman of substance
Bow in their presence
Treat them equally
A truth with Finality

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