My T Shirt

Musician , Song Writer , Writer , Grandfather , Lover of Life , 2 time Cancer Survivor , Grammarically Gifted ( at least in my world ) Thanks for reading ... God Bless !

My T Shirt

Coming home , the other night
A long day gone , horrendous flight

The open door , did welcome me
Your lovely sight , I'm soon to see …

That there you are , in all your grace
The smiling look , upon your face

But more than that , the way you're dressed
A sexy way , I'm so impressed

A simple way , to say to me
You stand there in , my favorite T

That shirt comes off , I'm soon aware
The hair tie loose , down comes the hair

I find myself , now thanking God
That he has Blessed me , and I am awed

TommyD 3/14/21