My Morning Prayer

Musician , Song Writer , Writer , Grandfather , Lover of Life , 2 time Cancer Survivor , Grammarically Gifted ( at least in my world ) Thanks for reading ... God Bless !

My Morning Prayer

To be patient , to be kind
To find those , that are now blind

Searching for , the works of love
Reigning down , from up above

Opened eyes , and ears to match
Meeting needs , your love dispatch

Most of all , my heart to be
Full of Your , creativity

Reaching out , finding who
Needs the truth , all day through

Help me Lord , consider this
On bended knee , Your word I kiss

Of darkness that , is the light now
I now take , this fervent vow

To try and be , the best I can
Finding hope , in fellow man

Believing good , in those that who
Are damaged goods , lead them straight to ...

Unfailing love , that conquers all
Before the time , as man did fall

And be the best now , that I can
While showing love , to fellow man

TommyD 3/14/21