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No Game with Jesus

Experiencing Gods Love and Mighty Powers Born in November's winter. Raised by my Amazing Grandmother, the loving care of family and family friends. Learning to read the King James Bible at 5., cooking, sewing, art and gardening, chasing chickens. Respect was taught everyday. Born of Native and Blac…

My Jesus and I are back together again, his love is so much better than it's ever been, if it had not been for these trials that I've been through, I wouldn't have had the courage to come running back to you! We are all entitled to make mistakes, that's the way of the worlds heart break.

"No Game No Game when it comes to Jesus"

There was an old lady sitting under a tree, she called me over and she said to me! "My days left here may not be long, I wouldn't waist a moment telling you nothing wrong. Love is a flower that needs the sun and the rain, a little bit of pleasure is worth a whole lot of pain, you must learn the secrets of how to love and forgive a much better life you shall live."

"No Game No Game when it comes to Jesus"

So be like Job a servant of God, whom lost it all, in return God gave him double and all...
God once parted the waters at the Red Sea, Jesus walked on the waters and Mary did weep...
Don't be like Adam whom listen to Eve, it was Eve who was the one truly deceived. Its alright to be husband and wife that's how God planned it to be.

"No Game No Game with Jesus"

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