One to Infinite/dr.k.g.balakrishnan

DOB-24-6-1944 /Kerala/India-680702

Poem 2/22-2-2021/From the book One to Infinite


The Magnitude-/22-2-2021


  Never from the Nil!-

from the One alone to the Infinite the Full-

the Breath the Flow rotating-

repeating this this this-the tick tick tick-

swinging the Pendulum- the Eternal Swing!

  The Magnitude-the First-ever-

the Immeasurable the best-

astonishingly Cute-

chanting the Rishi- the Eternal Zest-

but curtained from the physical eye-

thus the Query Eternal- The Why?

  The Rishi- the Guru-

the Proclaimer of Great Indian Thought-

always welcoming the intuitive Bindu-

the Spot-

worshiping assimilating and absorbing-

the Breath of the tranquilizing Magnificent-

The Magnitude!


 Poem 2/22-2-2021/From the book

One to Infinite


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