Tabitha Nicole Sally-Writesel


Funny how you only love me, when it's convenient to you.
Your not fooling anyone, your going to loose what was true.
Your greed for money and sex made you loose it all.
Trust and believe,I'll be the one that comes out shining standing tall.
All your lies and anger, cause you were doing me wrong.
You may think you made me look a fool, but it only made me strong.
All I see is cowards and fakes, cause you couldn't tell the truth.
Trust and believe I have all the proof.
You think you were slick.
Tried to make me look sick.
I begged you and begged, for you to tell me the truth.
But your oh so charming personality, didn't know I had proof.
I tried to warn you, I tried I swear.
You'll both find out like me, life isnt fair.
Karmas a bitch and this you shall see.
Next time you'll realize before you mess with me.