I saw you in a dream

I saw you in a dream, you stood a foot taller,
you were smiling wider than before, held me tighter than before,
your sweatshirt was a different gray,
yet your eyes were the same dark brown.

Abandoned by the world, your arms wrapped around me,
"Come here",
was all it took,
I was drunk with you.

I saw you in a dream, but I really didn't,
you cut your hair and painted your nails,
you wore your smile differently,
someone screamed in the distance, you didn't care.

Parks at night, memories in the air,
it's ironic how you smile at me still,
six months and four days later,
as if my blood isn't on your hands.

I saw you in a dream, but it was just a picture,
retro café, a cup of espresso, you hid your face,
do you still smile as bright?
I know I don't, last time was six months and 3 days ago.

The sun might rise in the west, the mountains blow in the wind,
but never will I ever feel your touch,
feel the softness of your crooked smile,
inhale the smoke you breathe.