Darwyn Holder

Restless demons

I write from personal experiences, and emotions.

The darkness surrounds me and quietly presses in,
to remind me of the happiness, I've had to let go again
please help me understand these emotions that are mine
and help me to get back to that special place in time
where people didn't have to wait for love the way they wait for death
where a time in life that was measured by more than just success
these enemies are real and they always battle me
to let go of you, was something that I just couldn't see
a time from past we remembered and a time we shared was good
but when does it fall on me, Just once, I think it should
that love that has the faith and endurance that will stay
but every time I get close to it, it always goes away
please help me understand the time, when you and I were true
and help me never forget the one that always makes me blue
just once in life, to be the victor , the one to win the prize
and never again have to swallow the tears in my eyes

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