Extraordinary You

Extraordinary you

Oh God will Strengthen us through our Grief Pain and Sorrow. Submit and Commit he'll show you he Exist. Amen

Remarkable you; Almighty & Uplifting even as I walk the plank, I start to Think, oh Mercy & Grace I Need to Give Thanks, Marvelous you, I Marvel to Model after you, If not for the mold be broken, could I be Magnificent just like you, with a rope tightly around my neck how I try to jump, decend with your arms tightly around me I find No End, but you say start "again"; Amazingly & Annointing No Hindering Finger or Pointing, Just Coddling & Swaddling, all my Hurts & Disappointments I've been Swallowing & Bottling, My Father My God, Save me; with Broken Wings I fly, I Fly Highhh, I do soar, then I Crash & Hit the Floor, God says "Up Up Up" and I Fly once more, you Break The Chains of Bleeding Hearts, Doctor and Surgery with Biblical Blessings & Unforeseen Lessons, Strengthened by You Won't Allow Me To Bleed Out, I Hear you Root for me I Hear you Shout, "Get Up", I wanna stay down Lord Remove All Doubt, As I Humbly Serve You You'll Never Ever Cast Me Out.

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