melita catalina warren

New Promise

I am a senior citizen, visual artist, and inspirational poet. My spiritual quest to know Jesus Christ intimately relates to many of my rhymes. However, I also write romantic rhymes and rhymes drawing from other topics. One of my goals is to illustrate my rhymes with my original drawings.


I sing God’s praises each sunrise,
Knowing everything happens under His eyes.

Migration of monarch butterflies,
Proves creation’s innate harmony
Until my viewpoint I revise.

I often cut across as the crow flies,
Seeking My Creator’s superb surprise.

Sometimes hopes and dreams arise,
To refute yesterday’s worn-out lies.

I press forward toward a celestial prize.

Love’s universal law I shall not compromise.

Spring soon wears summer’s disguise.

An angelic blithe spirit never dies.

Under divine command, so good, so wise,
My little vessel does not capsize.