Poetic ER


Born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts. I started writing poems as an outlet, when I was 11 years old and just continued on. I think I have evolved to spoken word. Soon hoping to have several short books of life.

Balinca patted her wet juicy cat. Telling her to calm down as she screams more, more. Balinca is bent over while her booty jiggles on his man piece. The room fills with moaning, and groaning. Sweat runs down their face dripping pass those big juicy plump lips. They switch positions now face to face leaning into each other with their lips puckered going in for first base. Balinca decided she want a taste. All she heard was a soft whisper saying take a bite of an edible and feel your body move. From your mouth to your throat, down to your hands. Do you feel the warmth? As this warmth travels down to your sweet smelling oops, you feel the wetness trickle down them sexy vagina lips . The throbbing, the wetness turns into shaking as he licks the clit. Can you feel it? The trembles, the moaning leads Balinca into crying for joy after having multiple long organisms. Your oops is screaming for more and more. Sounding like Niagara Falls, splash, splash, splash come up for air or devour it all. She tries to tap out he said no I want more. Fighting not to cry, Balinca screams not again as her body shakes uncontrollably. She hears another soft sensual whisper saying, Please don't cry, dry them eyes, I just want to satisfy you. Balinca said oh hun it feels so good, I can't control these waterfalls as she screams oh my God. He puts one leg up on the bed and dive in. Stroke, after stroke, deep and deeper he goes as she moans.

.......... To be continued
Poetic ER

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