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Saved you!

Born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts. I started writing poems as an outlet, when I was 11 years old and just continued on. I think I have evolved to spoken word. Soon hoping to have several short books of life.

I had a choice to let you die. Instead, I dialed 911 Emergency only to hear, what's your location and your emergency. I sat and watched you foam at the mouth. Wondering why did you try to take your life? Your eyes open and closed. They rolled back a few times as you shake and cough and foam at the mouth. Instead of letting you complete your goal, I got you something to try to flush your soul. Hoping this would be the last time you tired to take your own life. The tragedy of it all is a child watching their parent soul die slowly in front of them. You promised never to try this again but I watched and debated to save your life one last time. Like who am I to stop you from doing what you want to do with your life. I try and tried to save you but you deny access just to keep trying to take your own life. As a child you ask why, what is wrong, why does my parent like to keep trying to take their own life. Why do you want to leave me alone in this racist, cold, non supportive, unappreciative, crazy world? As, I grow as an adult, I can understand your reasoning. You was alone mentally in this chaotic, judgemental, no love world. You was never loved right. I had to sit and put the pieces to this puzzle together on why I saved you. Than, I said wait I loved you that wasn't enough for you to live in this cold world. You felt helpless with your own thoughts. No one to turn too, no one to hug you. No one to say everything will be okay. They revived you and you was never the same.

To be continued..

Poetic ER

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