Astghick Moradkhanians

Help Me God

Engineer and newly retire from state employment!as a poet of several poems which published in international library of poetry titles are as follows; God throuly appears in tornado , universal sins, The light of the world,the mystery of the man of all time in the book title best poems in 2002, Ameriā€¦

For world to understand and separate man made religion from actual forgiveness and love religion! Not to have contradiction issue! Oh, God from birth of Jesus Christ you were with Jesus Christ doing impossible miracales! Yet Man made religion rullers never noticed you were the one! Condame Jesus Christ for breaking the Law;and crusified Jesus Christ but you showed them another impossible miracles raised Jesus Christ from Dead from impossible place and glory revield! As for me thanking your kindness and loving support of saint Joseph and strong faith of Mary of Nazareth And Jesus Christ for forgiveness of our sins! Amen