Arpan Dey

Unsettled bliss

Arpan Dey, 16, is a high school student from India. He is interested in mathematics, modern physics, the metaphysics of science and interdisciplinary sciences. He is a young member of the Junior Academy of the New York Academy of Sciences. Several of his science articles have been published in Youn…

Wish it was difficult to keep my eyes open
Oh, the overwhelming desire to fall asleep
To fall into a deep, deep trance
And from life, take a very long leave.

Wild thoughts chasing around my head
Hairs turning white with time
A mind that is decaying with my body
I say so, yes, but I'm not fine.

A frown that remains as long as I'm awake
And I am never able to describe
That magical moment I just fall asleep
And enter someone else's life.