The saviour

ADEGBITE EMMANUEL is a 200 level student of OBAFEMI AWOLOWO UNIVERSITY ILE IFE, department of English language.


In those days, says the versed mouth
When blood was the sole harbinger of peace.
Days when we seneraded the duke, but war clocked in.
Now the Duke wants our pledge and thumbs
He pleads with smile of friendship,
Keeping his vile mind far from his civil face.

Then, he hounded us out
For to him, we stunk and tattered.
Now, he comes to share goodies,
He wants power again.
No. He is corrupt.

Our voice prevail in time of his plead,
But when he gets power, he shuts mind and ears.
He enslaves us in our huts,
Ruling us in his regalia of hatred.
We know his modus.

We have been enslaved and our rights confined
because we revealed his sleazy modus
to those in the other world.
He is banishing us again,
Laying ambush for the next generation!

In those days, says the versed mouth
Blood lived in the veins
We breathed with nose
Days of plenitude.
We were in a safe hand
Who bore every pain we had.

Now lives withered at his snaps
Many are hunted for him to reign
He plugs our sustenance
And gives us pittance.
No breather in the horizon yet
As the scholarly ones cower
The blade of our warriors is blunt.
We can only whine.