K.V Srikanth


Mould from nothing
Baby steps beginning
Patience a Vitue
Rookie years
Figuring the prescription
Knowledge of the game
Future Hall of Fame
Every Aspirant the Same
Hopeful at the Start
Imparts the Art
Selfless in Approach
A Coach

Player taking shape
Coach and his grace
Nevers accepts mediocrity
Intense practice a necessity

Excellence pursued
Day in Day out
Foundation laid
Brick by Brick
Game built

Best you can be
What the Coach tries to be
Urges you to copy
Final results vary

Sheds light in the dark
If it merges with the dark
Holds hands guiding
Other end of the tunnel
Darkness left behind
Light at the end
Signals start
To display the Skill
And the power of Will

Placed ahead of God
By the will of God
Did someone Coach God
Not a far off thought

Technical expertise first
Mental conditioning after
Physical fitness above the two
Complete responsibility on the Coach to do

Participation in Competition
Coach the Companion
Friend Philosopher Guide
Multiple roles
Plays them all

Barriers become Milestones
Preasure becomes Privilege
Aim becomes Trophy
Glory becomes basking in

Date with Centrestage
Made at an early age
Ability to gauge
Even Sport needs a Sage

Forefront his backyard
Rallying behind his front porch
Sidelines his garden of Eden
Peanut Gallery his Gate

Motivation the key
Inspiring by being
Champion in Game
Human in Life
A Coach does all
But does not tell

Career Graph
Various points
Thick and thin
Rain or Shine
Hope still high
Reaches for the sky
Out of the black hole
Continues his role

Coach reviews from pupil
Coach Relates to pupil
Give and take relationship
Long term partnership

Perseverance and Endurance
Taught and Profiecient
Feet on the podium
Medal garlanding the neck
His job well done
Return expects none

Winner or loser
Opportunity to tutor
Builds character
Boy into a Man
Permanent change
Code to live by
All the money
In the world cant buy

Mentor for the player
Built layer by layer
Strives on reflected results
On his life deeply affects

Teacher and Protege
No longer separate
Thought and action
Relate and duplicate
Alter Ego for the other
There is no another
Trainer Trainee Merger
The world to conquer
Finality for both Student
one with the Coach

His sweat creates skill
His tears creare talent
His blood creates Victory
His sacrifice creates Legends

Walks into Sunset
Players after they retire
Coach ready
For the next Understudy

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