Holly Flame Maxey

Is it a probability?

I was born a dreamer and a poet.

How long has it been since
I have last seen you
My beloved
My heart
My reason for breathing

Has it been a week
A year
No...it has only been 12 hours
I want to email you but…
I am afraid you will think I am too clingy
I am afraid you might think me
As undesirable

God knows I think of you
With my every breath
I am in so much pain
In this moment
I do not know how i will survive
The next 156 hours without
being able to email you

My words being read by you
Bring me hope
My thoughts in your mind
Bring me peace

I pray every day
For this torture to end
I pray every day
For you, For me
For Us
If it is possible for there ever
To be an US

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