Mr. Issac M. Loven Sr.

This Woman.

From: Birth in a airplane! Raised: On planet Earth! Natural Artist. Very Talented. Great Thinker!

From the sound of her voice, to the look in her eyes,
To the way that she moves her hands down on her thighs,
There is something about her that has my attention,
It could be her skin or something that I can't mention,
Whatever it is, I just hope it won't stop,
Cause I look at her more than I look at my clock,
But yet time is just one thing I know I won't waste,
As long as this woman grace me with her space,
Because just being around her brings joy to my day,
Is it wrong for me to say that I want her to stay,
But boundaries have borders and rules must be followed,
With all this free space in between us that's hollow,
I wish could be filled with the warmth of her touch,
But I think that she thinks I'm just thinking too much,
But if I could do the things that I think around her,
I would curl up like a cat on her lap and just pure,
Cause the feeling of being just that close to her skin,
Is a feeling that I would want never to end,
Is it me, Is it her, Is it us or the air,
Or the way that she looks after she does her hair,
I could tell you a lot about this woman I see,
But if I shared her with you, there would be none for me.