Mr. Issac M. Loven Sr.


From: Birth in a airplane! Raised: On planet Earth! Natural Artist. Very Talented. Great Thinker!

Have you ever met a woman that can shine bright as the sun,
Have you ever met a woman that can set your heart to run,
Well I think it's time you met a woman who can be your star,
And make your heart race like a V12 engine in a brand new car,
Because this woman's smile can shine so bright, you might just need some shades,
When you look into this woman's eyes, your mind goes in a daze,
Yet her walk is like a work of art stepped out and came to life,
And her voice is like hearing angels sing softly in the night,
Like a glorious paradise you can see and vision very clear,
When ever you're around her you will always want to have her near,
She's so sincere and very clear, this woman is no fake illusion,
If there is something you can't do, this woman has the right solution,
Like a fire she can burn you and like ice she can cool you off,
She can heal you when you're hurt and she can find you when you're lost,
I know you're asking who this woman is, well let me drop the bomb,
The only woman who I think deserves to hear I Love You Mom!