Mr. Issac M. Loven Sr.

LOVEN (Part 2)

From: Birth in a airplane! Raised: On planet Earth! Natural Artist. Very Talented. Great Thinker!

As I go on with my day I see a lot of sexy ladies,
While some of them are single and the other ones have babies,
I go through everyday and hope to find that one for me,
but I don’t think a woman in this world is meant to be,
That lady that I want to come home to and wants me there,
So I can hold her close and rub my fingers through her hair,
Or cuddle with in bed to show her how I truly feel,
While I kiss her body slowly just to see if she will squeal,
But there is something about women I don’t understand,
Like why they always look at me like some uncommon man,
I like the fact I’m different because that means my love is too,
But I just want to know exactly what I have to do,
To show one woman just that type of love she thought was dead,
Because my Loven never dies, it stays inside your head,
But now in times of need it seems that no one wants to give,
That type of love that someone needs within to help them live,
I know there has to be some love left somewhere in this life,
I hope there is a woman somewhere who wants to be my wife,
But time is all I have to give and that’s all I can share,
So if you want some Loven, let me know and I’ll be there,
I’m not the type to give it all away and then just change,
Because unlike common men, Loven is my real last name.