Mr. Issac M. Loven Sr.


From: Birth in a airplane! Raised: On planet Earth! Natural Artist. Very Talented. Great Thinker!

A rose may just be a flower and a diamo0nd may just be a stone,
But the look of you precious, beauty should never be left alone,
You’re worth more than exotic pleasure, your smile brings in so much light,
And the passion that’s in your eyes, makes desire and joy feel right,
Your creation may not be perfect but you are created very unique,
With the sound of your precious voice speaking softly sounds very sweet,
Yet your beauty is so impressive it is way more than just ordinary,
If anyone tried to define you, they won’t find it in a dictionary,
The scent of you is contagious, like strawberries dipped in chocolate,
If the smell of you could be tasted, you never would have to stop it,
Delicious could not describe you and darkness could never hide you,
The only way to compare you is to have you stand right beside you,
Your design is a desirable, indescribable, domination,
An elegant ecstasy with the essence of expectations,
Exquisite and fabulous like a fantasy from a movie,
Forgive me for saying this but from now on your name is Beauty!