jayson liles

love, drugs, and other things that escape from sobriety

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play us a song, because...
Tonight we are the center.
The center of our universe
Lost in our own minutia.
So much… that
We are supplements for the sun
Dreamers on the run
Beaters of the drum.
The Fire on a candle
Dancing on a table
Looking to each others eyes
Dissolved by the others cries
Call a plug
Fill a mug
Because this is our solum
We escape, we escape

Holes in the wall
Shopping at the mall
Nothing but a close call
No longer the center
No more banter
But pigs in a cage
Consumed by rage
A burning passion,
For the forlorn solum
That left them tame

Paint us a portrait, for…
Tonight we are the center
The center of all quiddity
Lost in our propensity
So much… that
We are the maestro’s of our ballad
Croutons of the salad
All others callid
The bottles of the top shelf
Longing to feel ourself
Craving each others eyes
Thrown by our own disguise
Because this is our solum
we escape, we escape

Fond but not in love,
A mourning dove,
Tailored like a glove
no longer the center
and befalled by winter
Like a bear in a den
Discovered by a heathen
And a count down from ten

Perform us a play, because…
Tonight we are the center
The center of our own world
Lost in our own fancy
So much… that
We are kings of our castle
Jockey’s on saddle
People of facile
Lost to the world
Longing for what we cant afford
Looking for each others eyes
While blinded by our own cries
Pour a glass
Light the fire
Because this is our solum
We are chained, we are chained

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