Terri Powell

Unwanted and Unloved

This is one my newest poems.

Good morning mommy;
I'm hungry mommy, please feed me;
Oops I'm sorry mommy, I didn't mean to tug that;
Next time I won't, so you don't get sick again.
Look mommy I'm growing;
I heard you say you was fat, I'm sorry;
Mommy who's that guy I hear;
Is that my daddy?
Wow mommy your loud today;
Are you mad or upset;
That man said some mean stuff;
Dont cry mommy, here's a hug;
Oops sorry mommy, I made you sick again.
Good morning mommy;
I heard you say you was going to the doctor;
Maybe you can see me waving to you;
You can see how much I've grown.
Mommy, somethings wrong;
I feel weird and sleepy;
Mommy, it's dark.
I died today mommy;
What did I do wrong to make you hate me;
Was I ugly when you saw me;
Was I not good enough for you?
I heard you say before I left;
That you didn't want me;
To remove me and remove me now.
I died today mommy;
Just because you didn't want me;
But guess what mommy;
I still love you so much;
I will waiting for you;
Bye for now mommy.

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