Ronnie L. Ponder

Keep The Change

71 years old, divorced, Retired from Red River Army Depot as a Heavy Equipment Mechanic, have two children, Live in Texarkana, Arkansas with my two bull dogs .

Hello, Sorry to barge in on you
And Yes bartender Think I will have one beer
Your all so friendly as I expected
Want you excuse me while I wipe away my tears
I know you wonder what I'm doing here
And I'm sure I look out of place
But if you'll give me just a moment of your time
I have something I'd really like to say
 See my baby talked in her sleep last night and she was talking all about this place
 About a Bobby and a Joey that doesn't matter to me there just names without a face
So the next time she comes in here
Tell her her man loves her and is home waiting
For all the love she comes here to give away
 It was all I could do to come here
And I'm glad I had the nerve to stay
Thanks for listening, Hope I didn't bore you
And Bartender, Go ahead and keep my change.