Kirk Williams

Drowning myself with tears

Every morning I wake up and I notice I'm starting to forget your name is it crazy that I still have your picture in a frame. My tear are like hail falling from a storm cloud.  I loved you more then God could  Allowed.  It should be against the law to be heartbroken or staying in a relationship knowing it ant working.  You  Meant the world to me. I locked my heart but somehow you got a copy of the key.  I thought that you would love me and we can start a new chapter.  But you betrayed me and broke my heart  Causing a disaster.  I thought without you I wouldn't be able to breathe But the lies you  Fed me made me believe. As I take a  Drag from my Newport. I Realize my love for you is on life  Support. My heart is  Damaged and needing  Repairs.  I loved you beautiful but right now I'm  Drowning myself with tears.