Kenny Pariseau

Fulfillment of an Empty Space

Just started writing poems, after all the heartbreak in one sitting i had to endure, I now use this to remind me of the gloom and move on as a survivor

Drifting beyond the void of the mind, allocating a forgotten sanscript so I'm not lost in time, carried to mend the spirit of tragedy out of line, pushed by the pulsing sun I climb, whether it's a direction known it lasts for a lifetime, all alone no one will hear a scream or a whine.

Passing phenomenal planets I admire the rings, etched in ice so cold this reminds me of the hope I bring, so beautiful the permafrost reminds me everything is not what it seems, from afar the wondrous glow gleams, I keep traveling alone pushed by electron beams.

My long lost past behind reminds me of the fallacy, seeing into the past what is there is a galaxy, knowing that time lost is truthfully absentee, I can't retreat because the laws of gravity, dreaming of the warming permafrost passively, I press on to the surrounding darkness gallently, the truth ahead is dead of my sight to an unowned agency.

Witnessing the future galaxy before me in this dead end race, the electrons retrograde to a standstill to where I'm placed, no movement but sight ahead I wish I could chase, I've lost hope to a fulfillment of an empty space.