drkgbalakrishnan kandangath

The Filter the Great/poem 50

24-6-1944/DOB bsc, mbbs. fica Kandangath,Kattoor-680702-Thrissur India-680702

The Filter Great /poem-50


  Polluted the mind-

full of soot and dirt-

darker the sound-

of the day and night-


  Still pure and clear my heart and brain-

of the bee and beetle- but in vain-

polluted the sea river well and lake-

the Breath sweet-

smelling sandalwood the best-

my dreams and wishes alike neat-

but nasty the air well and river and lake-

so also the atmosphere-

the outer and inner alike!

Lung the filtering-

Heart the purifying-

O my brain!

the determining-

the main-

streaming and balancing!

---------------- Just design!

the route

here the router-

here the filter-

the Love Celestial!


poem-50/ The Filter Great/Bharatheeyakavitha-vol.3-dr.k.g.balakrishnan /



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