My Love is a Candle Maker

Musician , Song Writer , Writer , Grandfather , Lover of Life , 2 time Cancer Survivor , Grammarically Gifted ( at least in my world ) Thanks for reading ... God Bless !

My Love is a Candle Maker

You are the ignitable wick , embedded in Life
That brings light to my world , removing the strife

The essence I breath , from the fragrance within
Instills in my heart , the belief you begin

You are the Chandler , the maker , the creator for me
As I dance through this world , so loving carefree

The aroma I breath , and the air that I find
Is living creation , that God has designed

You are the candelabra , the exquisite chandelier
You're holding my heart , like a treasure so dear

The wax from my soul , is melted and burned
That for so many years , I have longed for and yearned ...

That you would soon find me , and color my world
With luminous joy , as this planet is twirled

And as my wick smolders , and soon comes to not
The love that you've shown me , will not be forgot

Through grief , courage , memories , and love
As I go to my Savior , with thanks from above …

That my life was a candle , not being the same
And that your guiding light , was consumed in my flame

TommyD 2/16/21