Tim bucktooth


I am lion bold and brave
FEROCIOUS is my name
I exude ferocity
From tip of tail to mane

My problem's facial features
I look so kind and nice
I don't scare other creatures
Not even little mice!

I faced up to a rhino once
Whilst prowling round about
That retromingent ungulate
Tried to kiss me on the snout

Sometimes it's an asset
My phisiognamy
Lovely lionesses
Invite me home for tea?

I fell in with some bad cats
To my eternal shame
Though I confess, we had congress
That felion was to blame!

I also had a leopardess
I SPOTTED on the plain
She was so BESOTTED
She forgot to ask my name

So if you see some tiny cubs
With leopard spots and lion mane
Please tell them I'm the daddy and
FEROCIOUS, is my name

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