The Quanta of Light

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The Quanta of Light

The main source of light on the Earth , is the Sun
Raining down with it's energy , as the spectrum's begun

Visible intensity , is seen by the eye
Looking up to the heavens , to witness blue sky

Sunlight's a portion , of what we do see
It's Solar radiation , feels warming to me

Electromagnetic senses , of any wavelength
Is consumed in the Physics , and it's physical strength

Visible light , Simple light , so easy to see
That the human eyes retina , welcomes it's glee

Photons absorbed intensity , is the Quanta of light
To call it “ collapsed energy “ , just doesn't seem right

Solar radiation , not blocked by the clouds
Imparts “ visible windows “ , that it somehow still shrouds

Sunlight's importance , should be brought into view
As the chemical energy , that affects even you !

TommyD 2/15/21