Kyle G Schoonmaker

My forever & always

Dedicated to the love of my life. My Lorissa:

  The day you met me is the day I fell. I fell in love, and you couldn't tell. But at that moment, I knew, I'd be spending my life loving you. After a few short months, you knew, That's when I realized you loved me too.

  We've had our ups & our downs, like the rest do, But like any great relationship, we talk it through. We are not perfect, but your perfect for me. I pray I'm lucky enough to one day get on one knee.

  I know that with the love we share that there will be no despair. For that deep down we really care, to forever & always hold each other close in our heart, to never give up or ever part.

  For all that we are & all we've been through, we've got this babe, and you know it too. Please don't lose sight of the passion we share, as I'll never stop showing how deeply I care.

  One day you shall see, that you were made for me, to have and to hold, as we grow old. I need the chance to ask for that dance. Lets not go astray, but to take it day by day. It was you all along. And without a doubt I know I'm not wrong. I will ALWAYS endeavor to keep you forever!