Modupe A. Olatunbosun

A Street called Hope

Modupe A. Olatunbosun with Brand name (Sleekmodupe) is a trained Journalist, Vlogger, Blogger, trained Presenter and Ambassador for Peace. She owns a website which centres on Lifestyles, Relationship & Mental Health Issues, Food, Sports, Poems, etc.

I saw hope emerging from the stream,
the other noon day,
murmuring in a dance of joy around the village square.
Then bitterness came upon hope it was so brutal to her

What a slippery road to an unknown destination,
motivation soiled by the bad soup cooked by a stranger down the rough street.
i wonder at the fierce impurity disillusioned dreams,
helplessness that surrounds the street,
I see water splashed by the fortunate on the unfortunate
when it comes to money power.

The rage of the innocent waking everyday to uncertainty,
Hope is not lost in the struggle to fly like an eagle in the sky,
a bright sun shining day of joy and laughter.
In hope is river Niger which flows through the banks of our fatherland souring for a great hope for a better Nigeria.

Written by Modupe A. Olatunbosun
Copyright 2021, All right reserved.