Kenny Pariseau

Changing Seasons

Just started writing poems, after all the heartbreak in one sitting i had to endure, I now use this to remind me of the gloom and move on as a survivor

You were planted upon this big world as an exotic, beautiful long sought out flower, a very special flower with wonderful life changing healing properties.

The problem was you needed the right amount of sun, the right amount of me.

We knew we need each other, the right amount of you, the perfect amount of me.
We know we need each other, I need purpose, you needed me.

I tried reaching you but my demons (moon) swirled around and moved my emotions (clouds) covering your growth.

As the seasons changed (global warming) you waited every year for your opportunity to grow, to reach me, but every time you came close I would change the season, you came close but I was always so far away.

 My emotions grew and the clouds rained upon you, my emotions almost drowned you, but you are resilient, you were deeply rooted.

  Emotions flooded you as I grew more enflamed, I caused pain from my emotional chaos, I grew in fear to reach you.

 I finally see my negative growth stunt your positive growth, I see my fears now, now I look inward to regain peace, I look inward to hold your space, now my demons subsided, now my emotions have dissipated, now I can reach you, now we can grow together, but I'll never touch you.