Curtis Carroll

What is love?

By: Curtis Carroll 7/3/2010

Love cannot be defined by the dictionary
For it is complicated and contrary
To those who say they know what it means
Have yet to experience its manipulative schemes.

True love can only be offered by a pet
A dog will be more faithful than a cat
A horse will work endlessly night and day
Just give him a lump of sugar and a bit of hay.

Yet men foolishly think they can dictate
To the women they have chosen for a mate
Delusions’ of love he has planned for tonight
Only to be derailed by a headache and a meaningless fight.

Adam too, thought he was the only one
Then along came Eve and the fun begun
A leaf she wore as she strolled through the grass
Followed by the one called: “Snake in the grass!”

Even Adam, he couldn’t believe
That he would be deceived by his beautiful Eve
But one day he saw her strolling through the grass
Followed by another- that ‘snake in the grass’.

Young men take heed and listen to your mother
For she would always love you like no other
‘Nothing more than a bellyache!’ she would exclaim
Tomorrow will come and you would have forgotten her name.

Note: Lots of reasons to write this poem.