Edith M Foster


established poet in world of poetry, sparrow grass poetry national library of poetry, the who's who's of poetry and 4 time winner of golden poet of the year and American poetry Association

On the day that we were married
and our names became one;
we set out on a journey
that had only just begun.
our lives they were destined,
from the time of our birth;
to be joined in our spirits
to walk on this earth.

the space of time tried to tear us apart
but time had no power to sever the heart.
two souls joined, forever entwined,
my soul to yours and your soul to mine.

we have a love that transcends time and space
that binds our two hearts in a state of grace.
Even death has no power to us who are blessed,
to have such a love that could pass such a test.

when I feel alone or out of place,
I look inside and I touch your face;
love is not measured by how much you care,
or saying the right thing or just being there.

love's a connection, love is the key
and that love is what you gave to me.
you speak in my heart and you live in my soul,
you are everything that makes me whole.

so spread your wings beloved, spread your wings and fly
one day I will soar with you into the iris of Gods eye.

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