Astghick Moradkhanians

Remember the labour's of love by astghick moradkhanians

Engineer and newly retire from state employment!as a poet of several poems which published in international library of poetry titles are as follows; God throuly appears in tornado , universal sins, The light of the world,the mystery of the man of all time in the book title best poems in 2002, Ameriā€¦

Remember; not long ago, the labour's of love you were receiving from your grandparents, during your uupbringing. Remember you weren't giving helping hand to anyone! Remember; whenever abstical appeared through your journey of life;whom you were blaming! of course your family! lovely day arrived! Congratulate yourself! Your the one standing alone;as a wonderful grandparents!no one to talk to about this obstacle in your life ! which, children ignoring you reason you never gave love! because you never find out true knowledge of pure spiritual Love! Oh, children lesson to this Wise advise;stop this cycle of Loving your self only!start giving love to your family;and people in need!ask nothing in return !as for me Astghick moradkhanians;by giving labour's of love you will inherate kingdom of God in return! above all more happiness restore's in your life! Astghick moradkhanians