The Sorrow of Lady Liberty

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The Sorrow of Lady Liberty

There is a hatred now that's in our midst
From people who have those raising fists

The freedoms that we once did know
Being ripped to shreds by terrors glow

The tattered remnants of our flag
As Americans ,we should be able to brag …

About it's History , strong and true
The way that Warriors fought for you

For the freedoms that we now know
And the blood that forever resumes to flow

Hatred sparked by selfishness
Brought on by their own righteousness

My Father came here , with tears in his eyes
And looking now , it's the statue that cries !

As those who now want to enter this land
And want to change God's master plan ...

Of freedom that was fought and paid
To bigotry and the tyranny laid

How do we except the fact
that we are the Country that's never lacked ...

To open doors for all to come
And bring there talents and spirits drum

Rules that make us who we are
Are a joke of politicians , becoming now Czars

The pollution oozing from the swamp of grief
That people scream now needing relief

Of losing freedoms we all enjoy
To socialist ideas that only destroy ...

The Constitution and The Bill of Rights
To shatter History and Amendment fights

When blindness and ignorance are becoming norm
It's time that we stand up to this storm ...

And never forget that our freedom's discreet
And a broken shackle and chain lay at her feet

TommyD 2/10/21