K.V Srikanth


Sun signed out of the West
Buckling down for the East
Burning candles both sides
Presence and Absence
World decides its routine

Not even a breather
Putting its feet up
Never still
Shifts position
 Intensity equation

Darkest before Dawn
Sheds light in the Sky
Signals a new day
Heralds hope with its Ray

A new day today
Rise and Shine
Ray of hope
New beginning
Bright and Fun
Allegories of the Sun

Potency and vigor
Qualifies time and hour
Ceaselessly moving
Rendezvous with the Ocean

Beams of light
Does not discriminate
Like or hate
Value of time
It knows best
Signs out east
Signals a day less

Justina folded eyes
Justice it holds the keys
Eyes closed black cloth
Without fear or favor
Scales in one hand
Sword in another

Justice impartial
Delivered separates
Duty by definition
Does with repetition

Damned by justice
Sun does not prejudice
Equal to all
All are equal
Equanimity lies its beauty

Attachment or Abhorrence
Offering flowers or Pelting Stones
Equanimity is
Medicine for Calamity
Hallmark of Spirituality

Inherently qualified
Worship justified
Examples multiplied
Virtue in every way
Hope Faith Belief
Brings along it's way
Pushes darkness away

Far of Science says
Proves power of its Rays
Looks like a stones throw away
Far yet near
Benefits innate

Be like the Sun
Unfair to none
Beacon of Good
All you have to do
Is to look up

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