Alexander Rosenkrantz

Full Frontal Mediocrity or It came from Scranton

There's no originality to the "build back better" tag,
Try as he may to plagiarize, he won't make America great.
For nearly half century he drooled to taste real might,
Now Presidential orders are dispensed, like outhouse wipes.

Legitimacy in question, and competence not there.
Good jobs are disappearing, his voters are in despair.
He mumbles through face diaper, unintelligible tripe.
Too late his base has noticed, that all he is, was hype.

Devoid of spark or brilliance, confused old man at best,
The whole wide world had witnessed, through own campaign he had slept.
Abhorrent mediocrity has creeped into the White House.
Truth, Justice in America, with excrement is now doused.

Delusional dictator's agenda weaved of waste,
Rammed down the country's gullet, leaves bitter aftertaste.
Reversing many positives, that the real President made.
This lack luster demagogue is truly rather sad.