Poetry on a Plate

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Poetry on a Plate

Gather round , fellow writers
And give me your ear

I've something to show you
that makes it quite clear …

That we , as composers
Have special gifts ...

To share with our readers
And their Spirits to lift

But I've found another
Gift from the Soul

That's better than most
And old Rock and Roll

My friend is a Chef
And soon you will find

That she has a gift
That's much better than mine

She gives to the hunger
That we all have found

While growing in life
With health , beauty bound

She show us her skill set
With pleasure and taste

While it's out of the oven
There's no time to waste

It's going to be special
With warmth from within

As she watches us now ,
beginning to grin …

That she is the master
of something great

And that we compose now
regarding her Poetry on a Plate

TommyD 2/8/21