Sadie Colucci

Anatomy and joy

Went to dowling college. Pursued a career in psychology and autism spectrum disorder. Love reading, writing, music, dance and football

The aorta, the left ventricle
The superior vena cava, the
right ventricle
The left atrium, the right atrium
The pulmonary valve
The inferior vena cava
Those are just a few
Parts of the heart
That make it function for you

The cerebrum, the cerebellum
The frontal lobe, the parietal lobe
The thymus, the hippocampus
The temporal lobe, the occipital lobe
Those are a few parts of the brain
That keep you thinking, writing and sane

The heart and brain are two valuable organs
That help makes us who we are
The importance of knowing about them
Are a must for understanding
Together the two work in conjunction
In a spiritual, mental perspective
Going way beyond functioning
From a physical perspective
They are two vital organs
For everyday living
Without them not only would we physically not be here
But mentally the monotony would appear

Heart and soul and brain activity
Make us who we are
It's up to us to maintain them
And remain who we are
Personality comes from the brain
Although I believe it comes from the heart
It is something you are either born with
Or simply not

Laughter and joy and vulnerability
Happiness, trust and caring
Are just a few important parts of s friendship
And the ability for sharing
The heart and brain
Are both instrumental parts of life
We have to continue working on them
To keep them in tip top shape
Not just for ourselves
But for our friends too
We need to be the best we can be
For the world, me, and you.