Sadie Colucci


Went to dowling college. Pursued a career in psychology and autism spectrum disorder. Love reading, writing, music, dance and football

For the first time in years
I was able to be relaxed
And read half a book
Without being distracted

A full two hours
Immersed in words on a page
Submerged in the meaning
Of the story, so engaged

Engulfed in the characters
And the visions portrayed
Feeling their passion
Getting lost in the page

A feeling so inexplicable
Took over my soul
Something I haven’t experienced
Finally made me feel whole

Amazing how reading
Can intrigue your brain
Ridding all that surrounds you
Forgetting all the pain

A magical sense of peace
Takes over my being
Who would have thought
Such a simple task like reading

Accomplishing a goal
I never thought was possible
An indescribable feeling
Achieving what was once the impossible