Dominick Harvey

Pathological liar

I started writing when I was a teenager when I was going through tough times as an adolescent rebellious and stubborn I eventually stopped but years later when I found myself staring at the ceiling of a cell I was inspired to pick up the pen again

The things you say are uncertain
No longer credible in your own conscious
Your dialogue is far-fetched
Delusional in a sense your frenzy of lies are nonsense
Placing a veil over public eyes
A firm believer in life but with you im on the fence
Emitting danger and constantly craving attention
 I object but held in contempt and desire had sustained
Diagnosed without the concept of understanding
Without a reasonable doubt
Guilty but sufficient evidence of deceit
Reality is enraged by your indefinable presence
Your oblivious presentation of salvaged vanity
Overruled by hysterical controversy
And prior affirmations of animosity
Forever evading the truth committing perjury who are you to be judge jury and executor
When the words you speak antagonizes one's demeanor
The verdict is in guilty by your own admission
So court is adjourned until you are sentenced